Seaga HY900 Combo Vending

Seaga HY900 Combo Vending

This isn’t your ordinary healthy vending machine. This beautiful, distinctive vending system attracts customers like a magnet. Business offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges everywhere love having it on their premises.

Incorporates a smaller, more energy efficient compressor and fan motor (cooling system) resulting in lower energy costs and less pollution. Enhanced insulation results in more off-time for compressor and motor – using less energy and extending the life of these parts.

A more efficient LED lighting system also keeps products just as visible but with lower energy usage!

  • Selling popular healthy snacks & drinks!
  • High security, tamper-resistant industrial locking system with anti-theft design
  • Healthy Snacks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Entrées* & Healthy Side Dishes* –  Selections: 21
  • Snack Selections; 8 Drink Selections; 16 Entrée & Side Dish* Selections. Capacity: up to 337
  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks | Up to 80 Entrées & Side Dishes* (*With Optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor)
  • Eco-Friendly Engineering
  • MediaLink Digital Display Package
  • DEX & Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM)
  • Smartphone Payment Technology
  • SmartWarePro/SmartCard Technology

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