Mercato 4000 / 5000 Snack

Mercato 4000 / 5000 Snack

The NEW Mercato 4000 / 5000 vending machines feature a glass front and other features that are proven to increase the value and experience of snack vending. Of the Mercato line glass front snack vending machines, the Mercato 5000 snack vending machine offers the most selection, flexibility and value.

With up to 65 selections and a product capacity of up to 528 items, the Mercato 5000 is ideal for high volume locations. Vend a wide variety of chips, pastries, candy, gum and mints, and healthy snack items to satisfy all of your customer cravings!

  • Advanced styling & touch screen interface options
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ready
  • Easy product reconfiguration
  • Class leading energy saving features
  • Motor pairing capable
  • Guaranteed product delivery
  • Large LED lighted point of sale window
  • Built-in security & quality construction

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