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Get a Free Vending Machine for Your Business in the Wichita, Kansas Area

We specialize in providing free of charge, energy efficient vending machines to dealerships, schools, hotels and activity centers.

A Unique Vending Experience

You can have a vending machine installed for your location as soon as today! We provide vending services to the Wichita, Kansas area.

We specialize in providing free of charge, energy efficient vending machines to dealerships, schools, hotels and activity centers.

Wichita, KS vending: Two In One Machines!

Offering Monthly Promotions

At Vending Kingz, we keep things interesting. As a customer, you can take advantage of our monthly promotional offerings!

Wichita, KS vending: Two In One Machines!

Accommodating Product Suggestions

We conduct a survey to learn more about you and your needs. From there, we help you pick the right products for your location!

Wichita, KS vending: Two In One Machines!

Providing Nutritional Information

You have a right to know what you're eating. All of our products come with nutritional labels!

...All at no cost to you!!

Service Area

We bring vending to businesses, dealerships, schools, hotels and activity centers in the Wichita, Kansas area.

What are you waiting for? Get one of our high-quality vending machines in your location along with an unparalleled customer service.


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All Brand Name Machines!
We supply a variety of equipment, in order to fit into any location and meet any organization’s requirements.

Get a Free Machine for Your Business

Do you often find yourself in need of an afternoon pick-me-up? Is it tough for you to focus on even the smallest tasks? If you want to feel motivated in the workplace, staying full is key. Keep your entire team satisfied with the help of Vending Kingz!

Our company offers a range of new snack, beverage and combo vending machines – ranging from 31” to 39” in size. Whether you have limited space or a wide-open floor plan, we have a machine to fit. Our huge selection of healthy and traditional products will satisfy those looking for fiber, protein, an energy boost or simply something sweet.

Not only will you save big by working with Vending Kingz, but you’ll be setting a new standard for workplace dining. We guarantee that our snacks and service are the best in the Wichita area. To prove it, we are now providing free delivery, installation and service to area business owners. That’s right – You can reap the benefits of our wonderful service at no cost!

Vending Kingz is known for servicing machines regularly and responding to issues right away. Sign up for our free, full-service program, and you’ll also get our 24-hour customer care guarantee. If you’re running low on snacks or having trouble with a machine, we’ll send one of our friendly staff to your workplace in a flash. As the leader in Wichita Vending Services, we work around the clock to make sure all your needs are being met.

Our ultra-modern vending machines are compact and energy efficient. What’s more, they display nutrition info for any and all snacks. Pay with cash, card or mobile app – The choice is up to you! No other Wichita Vending Machine Companies offer the same reliable equipment as Vending Kingz.

When your employees are hungry, they don’t perform to the best of their ability. Get the results you want from your team by supplying food on site. Vending Kingz brings tasty snacks and beverages straight to your workplace. And remember – Delivery, installation and service are included free of charge!

Our team keeps up with what’s trending, so you can bet we always stock the latest and greatest products. Plus, we’re always available to customize orders and make product recommendations. What are you waiting for? Call your friends at Vending Kingz to get started today.

Forget the fast food! As the Wichita Vendingexperts, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your work day. No longer do you have to leave the office in search of food and drink. We keep your machines fully stocked at all times, and we deliver everything right on time, every time.

Aside from our stellar service and modern machinery, what sets us apart from other Wichita Vending Companies? We offer a diverse package of monthly promotions to our clients! Partner with us, and you’ll never overpay for food and drinks ever again.

Whether you work in a school, hotel, car dealership or rec center, you can take advantage of our Wichita Vending Machine Services. All you have to do is fill out this short form, and we’ll deliver a vending machine to your workplace immediately!

Take our word for it – Vending Kingz has got exactly what you’re looking for! We offer the best customer care in the business and a range of product options, perfect for any location. Our experts take care of all the trouble and guesswork, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Now is the time to make a change in your workplace! Provide your employees with the quality snacks and drinks they deserve. You’re sure to notice an improvement in team morale as a result.